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When searching with the browser's address bar, I just hit Enter to search, then I press Tab to focus on first result, and Enter again to open it. P.S. tested in Chrome, but should probably be the same in every browser.


On my Mac, this was bugging me too, I kept pasting with ⌘ / command V then hitting Enter too quickly --the ⌘+Enter was captured and would send the message. Bummer. My solution was to simply remap Cmd+Enter keys as follows; Apple >> System Preferences >> Keyboard then selected the keyboard section, I then chose something innocuous like "Move focus to status ...


At this time, there isn't. To display the list of shortcuts, straight from the Gmail screen, on any Gmail page, press ?. The shortcuts related to drafts, are the following: Key shortcut: g then d Definition: Go to 'Drafts' Action: Takes you to all drafts you have saved. Key shortcuts: - Ctrl + s - Mac: ⌘ + s Definition: Save draft ...

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