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There is no built-in functionality for this: see How to create custom keyboard shortcuts for google app script functions? Instead, you could use a script that triggers a menu option when a key combination is pressed would be the thing to try. This has more to do with scripting your browser (clicking certain page elements on a particular site), so for ...


Without installing a Chrome extension, you can use these three key combinations to go to the next sheet on Chrome OS. Alt+Shift+K (Display list of sheets) up/down key (Highlight sheet) Enter (Go to sheet) Source.


Not a perfect solution, but the full screen shortcut (f) still works when the video is not in focus. Once you have made the video full screen, it is in focus and you can use the other shortcuts as normal. If you don't want the video to be fullscreen, press f again (or esc) to exit full screen. The video will still be in focus.

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