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Autocomplete Typing in the "To" field autocompletes the contact from the start of a word, not just the start of the contact name or email address. So, if you have a contact called "Joe Bloggs", you can start searching on the b of "Bloggs" ie: Contact Search If, however, you want to do a complete search of your contacts, you can click on the label "To" ...


The Adwords API lets you access the Adwords Keyword Tool. For domain name availability checks, there is a now closed question on Stack Overflow: Finding if domain name is already registered? Let me know if you still miss something.


The browsers themselves will have "standard" or reasonably standard keyboard shortcuts (backspace for navigate backwards for example), but I wouldn't expect the actual applications to have keyboard shortcuts - standard or otherwise. Why? Because the browser gets to handle the input first, so application developers will need to pick shortcuts that don't ...


Try visiting http://www.google.com/?nord=1 if you don't want to be redirected to HTTPS version


If you go to the Trends page and enter an empty search query (just click the blue search button with no terms) you should be taken to the results page. What this will show you is (I believe) the top searches (under "Related"). There is also a side-nav filter option to show you the results of the last 30 days among other options. You can also check out ...


I use http://slimtimer.com. Was this the one you are looking for?


It wasn't http://letsfreckle.com/ was it?


I don't know which one uses @keyword for tags, but toggl is pretty good for a web app that manages complex time tracking.

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