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I think you should be able to do this using a KML file which contains Network Links to your KMZ files. The nice thing about the Network Links is that it doesn't have to be KMZ files it can be a script or feed that outputs a KMZ/KML file. There is a demo of how to do this here under the section Generating a Random Placemark Basically you create a KML file ...


Click on the button for "link" above the map. Paste that link into the browser and hit enter. Then, add &output=kml to the end of the URL, and hit enter. You will be prompted to download a KML file, which will contain all of the points in the map.


Perhaps tectonic plate shift and/or earthquake activity has moved your land recently. You should get new surveys done! In all seriousness, yes, they probably did change something. They changed mapping providers for the US, but it's not there maps you are complaining of it's the satelite image alignment. This quite likely got updated, much of their older ...

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