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From the LinkedIn Help Center the definition of Expired message is as: Expired - InMail status changes from "Pending" to "Expired" if the message isn't read within 90 days. The message remains active in the member's inbox and they may still reply. This status is most often used when referring to an InMail. So the answer is Yes, you can respond an ...


This Google Chrome extension get rid of the entire LinkedIn (and Facebook) news feed: Kill All News Feeds


Recommendations that you write for other people appear: In the Recommendations section on your profile. You'll need to click the Given link in the top right of the Recommendation section to see them. In the Recommendations section on the recipient's profile, after they accept the recommendation. To hide or display a recommendation that you gave: Go to ...


I can only write a message, but to do that would I have to upgrade my account? I do have messages with a free account, so no, you don't have to upgrade. I would like to be connected to a friend of mine on LinkedIn, but I am not able to do that because I do not find the possibility. How is it possible? I think about limitations setting by that ...

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