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It's a bug. LinkedIn has to fix it but they are not caring about it. Here is a thread on Help Center where people have complained about it but there is no response from LinkedIn.


Under Privacy & Settings under the "Account" tab is a link to Request an archive of your data Download your LinkedIn data Did you know you can request an archive of your activity and data on LinkedIn anytime? Within minutes, you'll get the archived information that's fastest to compile including things like your messages, connections and ...


Now this facility is not available. From Help Center: The ability to Archive a Message will no longer be available. Any messages that were previously archived will appear in your message list. To view previously archived messages: Click the Messaging icon at the top of your homepage. Scroll through the list on the left rail until you ...


No there is no direct way to convert a company page into Showcase page. Deleting would not be free it name, and also you will lose your followers. Better to create a new relative Showcase page and invite all company page followers to follow Showcase page. I would suggest do not delete your company page. Deleting would not be a good idea. Might be you need ...

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