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Once you're logged in This will bring up a new URL in the browser which looks something like this. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=46036342&trk=hp-identity-name In my case from the above URL, the ID is 46036342


If you just delete all the text from the summary section and hit save it will go away


No Message will be sent to ... here it means when you withdraw an invitation, the recipient won't be notified about it. When we invite someone, the person gets an invitation email, but when we withdraw an invitation, the person does not get any notification or email. From the Help Centre: (See the second point of the fifth point.) You can withdraw an ...


Commercial Use Limit on Search If you reach the commercial use limit, your activity on LinkedIn indicates that you're likely using LinkedIn for commercial use, like hiring or prospecting. This limit is calculated based on your search activity since the first of the calendar month. A progress bar appears in your search results when 30% of your ...

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