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I noticed that Linkedin has access to hundreds of contacts over many years that would be in one of my gmail accounts, but I never gave Linkedin permission to access my Gmail or ever send emails. However, my mobile device has a Linkedin app, although I have almost never logged into it! The mobile device itself has Gmail permissions, by way of necessity to use ...


Somebody already chased this with their support. Check out this blog article http://logoscreative.co/linkedins-case-sensitive-skills/ LinkedIn just said: Unfortunately, at this time we do not have this functionality available to merge skill endorsements. Maybe it will help to bump this if you also email their support. I also encountered this issue ...


Could not find the way you explain in the other answer, but through help I have found a link to do it https://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/49410/kw/How+to+view+a+LinkedIn+profile+anonymously

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