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While this question already has an accepted answer, I just found an alternative that for me, more closely satisfies the OP's question: While you can't share URLs as @OrangeBox points out, you can share search queries. Using Gmail's Search Operators, I've found that it's usually pretty easy to return a single result from even a large body of emails. So the ...


Generally, if you want to have a link from a video that was automatically backed up, you have to share it first on Google+. That'll give you a link you can use. If you want to upload the video to YouTube, you can either upload it directly to YouTube (by having a local copy), or you can import the video directly to YouTube according to the tutorial here.


You can have it open in the same page by unchecking the box labeled "Open this link in a new window: https://sites.google.com/site/siteshelphowtos/google-sites-instructions/images/imagesaslinks

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