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Experiment shows the generation of bookmark Id does not follow any simple rule; Google may be using some hash function for this purpose. I created two bookmarks in one document, they got Ids id.bp1zcvxln5kg and id.f93qmv8z8g1s. Then created a bookmark in another, it got Id id.apnggattoj3a. Beyond the initial id., there is no pattern here. If you need to ...


Open menu Tools → Script Editor and paste this code: function getSheetUrl() { var SS = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var ss = SS.getActiveSheet(); var url = ''; url += SS.getUrl(); url += '#gid='; url += ss.getSheetId(); return url; } Close The Script Editor. And use this formula: =hyperlink(getSheetUrl(),"Link")

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