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You can forward the email to multiple users, Sharing is not secure and that can your account accessed by others.


I happened to need this feature to "reference" an old email with my colleagues. And I managed to do this with "rfc822msgid:" search operator. Copy the Message-ID from the header of the message you want to reference, then search for it. For example, the Message-ID is abcdefg and you can search for rfc822msgid:abcdefg in the Gmail search box. Gmail will ...


Trello does support markdown hyperlink in card's comment, now. Example: Click here to go to the page. (thanks @ben-k)


Blogger does not support relative addressing, so this is not possible. If you change your blog name, then: Blogger will change the names of links in your Pages gadget that point to your pages Blogger will not change any internal links in your blog. So you will have to manually edit each post, look at it in HTML mode and find-and-replace any links. This ...

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