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They can't DM you if you don't follow back. You can block them if you want to, or you can use one of the many 3rd party services around to do so. It doesn't really have any effect. It's basically just a number. You'll probably find a lot of them disappear naturally from time to time when Twitter purges spam accounts or they unfollow you because you're not ...


Try the StopBadware Clearinghouse. That's probably where Google and Firefox are getting their information. There's not a list of the sites (at present there's nearly a million URLs in their database) but you can search for specific site URLs.


Where are you getting your files from? An option for you is to use the Metascan Online API, which allows you to scan against 43 antivirus engines, similar to VirusTotal. With the API, you can essentially build your application/service to automatically send and scan. Disclaimer -- I work for OPSWAT, who runs Metascan Online


I found it myself using VirusTotal Uploader. Scanning got super simple now via right-clicking on the file(s).


From the FAQ: VirusTotal's antivirus engines are commandline versions, so depending on the product, they will not behave exactly the same as the desktop versions: for instance, desktop solutions may use techniques based on behavioural analysis and count with personal firewalls that may decrease entry points and mitigate propagation, etc. In ...

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