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In general, to launch into Citymapper directions, you need to provide at least the lat/long of the destination. The details of our URL scheme are described on this page. The web format is: ...


You could use Google My Maps to generate a map with directions then save it to Google Drive and share it like a file.


Seeing that there's no convinient way of doing this provided by Google, I've created a tiny online app for export of your starred locations: http://gexport.somee.com/ It's very primitive, but it does the job. (credits to endolith for the idea of implementation).


There is no reasonable way to do that without some support from both the server and the client. And Wikipedia treats each SVG as a separate file, so there is no way to download only the parts of one file that differ from another file. The only way I can think of to do this would be to try to guess which part of the two files is going to be different and ...


I think the answer is bound to be no if only because otherwise the unscrupulous would be assigning their own telephone number to their competitors' listings etc, but the most specific denial I can find is: Only business owners or authorized representatives may verify and manage their business information on Google My Business. from here.


You could try MyGuestmap: http://www.mapservices.org/myguestmap I don't use it myself, though, so I can't comment on its quality.


If you are on web, on the top right corner next to your pic, you have a "Plus" button, click there and share it with yourself. This is how I saved a route with custom points I just made...

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