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In general, to launch into Citymapper directions, you need to provide at least the lat/long of the destination. The details of our URL scheme are described on this page. The web format is: ...


Seeing that there's no convinient way of doing this provided by Google, I've created a tiny online app for export of your starred locations: http://gexport.somee.com/ It's very primitive, but it does the job. (credits to endolith for the idea of implementation).


You could try MyGuestmap: http://www.mapservices.org/myguestmap I don't use it myself, though, so I can't comment on its quality.


W|A can evaluate some "arithmetic expressions" composed of property values of multiple entities. Some examples include Portugal / China area NYC + Chicago population Obama - Mao Zedong height (earth population / moon surface area ) To compare same property of two entities, doing division and/or subtraction seem the way to go.


I figured out a way to export your starred locations. Go to your account settings Click on the section titled "Data Tools" Click Select data to download "Create an Archive" Check "Bookmarks" "Create Archive" Download and you're done! You'll get an HTML file with all the locations as addresses that are linked to the Google Maps.


Try this (it will definitely work with a pointer to your location on map): http://maps.google.com/maps?q=39.211374,-82.978277+(My+Point)&z=14&ll=39.211374,-82.978277

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