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You can give StackEdit a try. It has a nice integration with Google Drive. Once you import/export a Markdown document from/to Google Drive, you can open it later directly from Google Drive since StackEdit is integrated as a third party editor/viewer application. You can find StackEdit as a Chrome application as well on the Web Store. NOTE: I'm the ...


While you still can't use tags (like <del>), in February 2014, Trello added the ability to cross out text using ~~foo~~.


You can convert a Markdown document to HTML, and copy/paste the HTML page (not the source) into a Google Drive document. It will retain most of the formatting including headings, lists, links, bold/italic/underline. The font, margins, and font sizes will not match the Google Drive defaults, and will look "out of place" compared to standard Google Drive ...


I've hunted around the interwebs for just this solution, and HIGHLY recommend using Markdown Here. It is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that lets one toggle back-and-forth between Markdown and HTML. It's original use-case is for in composing e-mail, but it "works great" in Google Sites. Also, it supports TeX math formula, which for ...


You say you're a programmer, so this answer assumes you'd be comfortable with a little "roll your own" approach. Google drive supports scripts: http://www.google.com/script/start/ So, you could create a little Showdown viewer that you point to your markdown files (as URLs).


Download and install the Google Drive software. It's for Windows and Mac at the moment, a version for Linux is in the making. The software will create a folder on your computer that syncs with Google Drive. If you open a file in it, it will be opened in the appropriate installed program. Google Drive documents that you open will open in the browser. This ...


Neutron Drive supports Markdown and Auto saves to Google Drive. Neutron Drive functions like a web application. You can code in your browser with Google Drive or your private cloud server. Neutron Drive was the winner of the 2012 Google Apps Developer Challenge. The Basic Edition of Neutron Drive costs $8.00/year.


Assuming that once you're done making a document in markdown you want to convert it into a true google document (as opposed to being able to preview the document in the google drive web interface and continue editing in markdown syntax) so that others unfamiliar with markdown can collaborate I've found the following fairly quick: Create your mark down ...


You can use https://sites.google.com/site/gashackja/markdownsiteeditor -- And you can install it for your own use: get a copy of Markdown Site Editor. adding the libraries. get the Showdown library by looking it up (ID: M6WggW1B7uEj1Nu0p7S6Pf-Mffa6w-w2J) make sure to change the identifier to Showdown (instead of GASShowdown) get the Bootstrap ...

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