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This markdown cheat sheet includes tables: https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet - but it doesn't appear to work in Trello.


Indeed, Github flavoured markdown is significantly better than the MD supported here on stackexchange. However, it is true that you don't get a toolbar to help you. It is expected that you know some basics. You can use the toolbar here to help learn some basics if you like though there is a help page linked on Github. Worth learning the github extensions. ...


Currently neither OneDrive, nor Google Drive support the markdown format natively. While there is the StackEdit extension for Google Drive, I am not aware of a similar one for OneDrive. There are some services, though, which allow documents importing from and saving to OneDrive. One example is Dillinger.


These are essentially CouchDB authentication related questions, not specific to Couchappy: 1. How do I create additional CouchDB users in Couchappy? You can use Futon to create a new admin account in your Couchdb instance: Go to https://instance.couchappy.com/_utils/ Login as admin Go to configuration At the bottom click on "Add a new section" Section: ...

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