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With Google Maps, you can save driving directions to a personal map (the feature is called "My Maps"). Plot driving directions from A to B. At the bottom of the directions, click the link to Save to My Maps. For the first one, select Create a new map... and click the Save button. For each additional set of directions, select the map you just created. In ...

2 This Google Maps mashup lets you see an outline of one part of the world overlayed on another part of the world. For example, you can sketch an outline of California in the “Reference Map” below, and then overlay the outline over Japan in the “Comparison Map.” Whatever you draw in the top map stays centered in the bottom map. Hope ...


You can upload data from a speadsheet to Google Fusion Tables and there's examples to get started. Also try searching the google group for specific tips on creating a heat map.


Well this is close: It doesn't have a map, but it does a pretty good job of giving a broad overview of what people are browsing on.

1 might be useful Find house prices & trends, schools, crime rates, local businesses, home advice & more on UpMyStreet.

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