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It looks like for some reason Google doesn't like Firefox on Linux. I wasn't able to find any way to get Google's built in player to work, nor any indication from Google that they're even aware it has a problem. Fortunately it's very easy to play files with a third party app. Select one of your MP3 files by ticking the check box. Then, from the More ...


This is incredibly frustrating but can be cured. Switch player type (to Flash or backwards to HTML5) and shortcuts are activated.


It's a bug that YouTube needs to fix. As the player is Flash, there's no possible workaround for this issue. But there's a better way to watch YouTube videos from a PC video player called VLC, if you don't have VLC, search the web for download links. Open VLC Player -> Click the Media tab in the menu bar -> Select Open Network Stream and paste the video to ...


It's been a couple years :) but in case anyone is wondering the (Western Digital) WD Live media now supports Netflix in Canada. It was buggy before, but it's good now. Not to mention it's a heck of a lot quieter (fan noise-wise) than most consoles. That's a plus for me.

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