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Yes, but you need to be logged in. Then go to the following page: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Mypage/common.js and add the following code: jQuery( function() { if( typeof( LocalFileLinks ) !== 'undefined' ) { return; } jQuery( 'a' ).attr( 'href', function() { return this.href .replace( ...


Reflinks (click the "interactive" tab) is an external took that completes bare references already present in the article. It attempts to automatically fill in fields such as title and publisher by taking them from the webpage. However, the tool is not perfect, and you should inspect each reference and fix any inaccurate or missing fields.


Svick is correct; there is no way in MediaWiki to change an image's aspect ratio without reuploading it. However, the first bullet point, [[File:Whiskey flag.svg|50x50px]], is actually correct, but it just doesn't do what you may expect it to. That syntax sets whichever dimension is larger, height or width, to 50px and computes the other based on the aspect ...


If you're only interested in doing a regex search of Wikipedia titles, Crossword Nexus allows you to do that. http://crosswordnexus.com/wiki

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