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In Excel You can also use this version =SUMIF(OFFSET(A1:C15,ROW(A1:C15)-ROW(A1),0,1),"<9.99E+307") confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER assuming your matrix is in A1:C15 That has a small advantage over MMULT - it still works if some of the cells in A1:C15 are blank or don't contain numbers However you can amend the MMULT version to work with a partially ...


An Excel Solution with One Formula for Each Sum Value It sounds like you want the OFFSET function. I'm going to use MATRIX() as a stand-in for whatever function you have that is returning a matrix. If you want to show sums for the first 3 rows of that matrix, the formulas would be as follow: =SUM(OFFSET(MATRIX(),0,0,1) =SUM(OFFSET(MATRIX(),1,0,1) ...


In a google spreadsheet, something like this should work: =average(array_constrain(filter(B:B, A:A=1),10,1)) or alternatively: =average(query(A:B, "Select B where A =1 limit 10",0))

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