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Copy what you want from the Excel document to MS Word first, and then try to paste it into Gmail by coping it from MS Word.


In Excel You can also use this version =SUMIF(OFFSET(A1:C15,ROW(A1:C15)-ROW(A1),0,1),"<9.99E+307") confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER assuming your matrix is in A1:C15 That has a small advantage over MMULT - it still works if some of the cells in A1:C15 are blank or don't contain numbers However you can amend the MMULT version to work with a partially ...


An Excel Solution with One Formula for Each Sum Value It sounds like you want the OFFSET function. I'm going to use MATRIX() as a stand-in for whatever function you have that is returning a matrix. If you want to show sums for the first 3 rows of that matrix, the formulas would be as follow: =SUM(OFFSET(MATRIX(),0,0,1) =SUM(OFFSET(MATRIX(),1,0,1) ...

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