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I recently got a similar message, "Your Google verification code is" and then an unusually long verification code (much more than the normal six characters you get through 2 factor authentication). An hour or so before, I had used the Hangouts app and tried to verify my phone number. The first attempt failed, and for unrelated reasons I restarted the phone ...


Google set this as an default value and didn't provide any option to change this settings. BUt you can give this as a product feedback where they will change it based on the number of request


Google now supports 2-Factor Authentication through a process called U2F. Yubico have made a series of Yubikeys that now support the U2F standard. https://www.yubico.com/applications/fido/ At this time the only browser capable of supporting U2F authentication appears to be Google Chrome.


You can either use incognito/private browsing mode to access a secondary account or in your case, having so many. You might try the multiple user profile method offered by Chrome. This trick picked up from HowToGeek were the most concise. You should be able to have many windows open with different profiles active at the same time. To start using this, go ...


From Google Help: Removing trusted computers from your list You can remove computers from your set of trusted computers at any time. To do so, sign in to your account and go to your 2-Step Verification settings page. Under the “Advanced” section, you’ll have the choice to remove the computer you’re using at the time or all other computers. If you ...

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