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Possible, paid but not for 2-step - just for custom domain. tl;dr; Usage of Google mail servers with custom domain requires Google Apps for Business, formerly knowned just as Google Apps. Quoting from Google Apps Help Center As of December 6, 2012, Google no longer offers new accounts for the free edition of Google Apps To enable two ...


It is indeed true that Twitter can't send SMS in countries with a long code. Looks like there's an oversight in this system so that it's allowing SMS verification to be used even though it should require confirmation via incoming SMS. Twitter provides instructions at https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170409, but unfortunately those aren't of much use. ...


I was able to work around this by turning on 2-step verification, setting up app passwords, then turning 2-step verification back off. When you turn it off, it asks if you want to clear verification data. I said no; I don't know whether that matters. After turning it off, the app passwords link is still available, and my applications still login fine.


Dito GAM can now generate backup codes for users even if they don't have 2SV turned on yet. You can: Create the new user. Generate backup codes with the command "gam user newguy@example.com update backupcodes" Communicate one backup code to the user along with the initial password. Instruct the user to log in at: ...


Immediately after creating a new user, go to that user's Security tab and click on "Generate New Codes" to generate a list of One-Time-Use codes. Then give the user the first one or two codes from that list along with the URL https://accounts.google.com/b/0/SmsAuthSettings for SMS authentication (verify this, it might be different for you) so they can ...


Follow these steps: Account > Security > 2-step Verification Setting > Registered Computers > Require Codes


My understanding is that after you've set it up, your phone or whatever device you are running the authenticator app on becomes your physical factor. No matter how it was set up, and this will depend on the implementation of the system, you now have a physical 'token', so in terms of security, after you enter your password you must have that token. If you ...

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