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The Mute option is only enabled if your message is also in the inbox. Since your filter has the "Skip inbox" you will never see it


You can make the mute button come back when filtering by including the is:unread filter and adding -is:muted. I have the following query displayed beneath my inbox using the Multiple Inboxes lab, and it allows me to mute conversations: label:Support is:unread -is:muted This shows me anything labelled Support that I haven't read, and that isn't muted yet. ...


It is a bug in the system. You will need to collect your messages without the label:yourlabel search. i.e. When you are creating/editing the filter, do a Test Search based on your filter. This will bring up all the results. From here you will find the once missing Mute Option in the More Actions Menu for each message. A second way would be have a second ...


The shortcut key for 'mute' is 'm'. I don't see 'mute' in any menu but the shortcut works for me in my google apps account.


I believe Google has disabled the keyboard shortcut for muting a video call using the spacebar, so I don't believe this is going to be too much of a problem now. I can suggest, however, is to lock the keyboard if you are on the video call, which prevents toddlers from accidentally pressing on any keyboard buttons while on the video call, but you can try ...

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