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Google Maps offers drive time in current traffic and a view of traffic conditions on a given day, but unfortunately not drive time on a given day. It isn't automatic, but you can do some planning by seeing what the traffic would be like on a given day on possible alternate routes. Updated 2014-06-21 - now features new and old Google Maps New Maps Head ...


As mentionned by @pnuts in the comments, you will find left/right arrows at the top right of Gmail (next to the Settings gear, as shown below). As a side note, you may also use keyboard shortcuts to go faster: press j to go to the next message press k to go to the previous message


AFAIK there is no way to use the back button to easily get tot he previous position in a doc. If you are trying to do something like jump from one spot to another and back, what you can try is something like a Back to top link. For example: if you have a table of contents at the top of a doc that jumps to headers below, you can insert a Table of Contents ...

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