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Google Maps offers drive time in current traffic and a view of traffic conditions on a given day, but unfortunately not drive time on a given day. It isn't automatic, but you can do some planning by seeing what the traffic would be like on a given day on possible alternate routes. Updated 2014-06-21 - now features new and old Google Maps New Maps Head ...


Google Maps Web services


Google maps gives you driving directions already Go to http://maps.google.com/ and click on 'Driving Directions' on the left. Choose your mode of transport and enter the origin and destination. Then just click the 'Get Directions' button


As mentionned by @pnuts in the comments, you will find left/right arrows at the top right of Gmail (next to the Settings gear, as shown below). As a side note, you may also use keyboard shortcuts to go faster: press j to go to the next message press k to go to the previous message


I'm quite surprised this question has no good answers yet, so I'll do my best to create one. The "Why?" (don't read this if you only care about the solution) With some changes to YouTube, Google got a bad reputation for changing things against the users in order to make more money directly or indirectly. This also includes the "What to watch" feature, ...


AFAIK there is no way to use the back button to easily get tot he previous position in a doc. If you are trying to do something like jump from one spot to another and back, what you can try is something like a Back to top link. For example: if you have a table of contents at the top of a doc that jumps to headers below, you can insert a Table of Contents ...

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