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The most widely-used is probably Google Groups, which describes itself as a "searchable archive of more than 700 million Usenet postings from a period of more than 20 years."


There is something like but its paid. Personally I have never tried it, so I cannot really recommend this site.


They say: Group gmane.comp.lang.scala.user Description A more relaxed list for questions and discussions () Address Status posting allowed Url Instead of Thunderbird, try Pan. You can still use Thunderbird if you like. What ...


If I understand your question, you want to read news such as Usenet News. One way to do that is to install software on your PC that directly connects to a NNTP server. There's a long list of such software at Wikipedia: "List of Usenet newsreaders" and Wikipedia: "Comparison of Usenet newsreaders".


I know that Marc Smith did research into analyzing and visualizing newsgroup activity while he was at Microsoft Research. I don't think it was a webapp, but it was called "Newsgroup Clouds". I have no idea how he gathered the data for analysis -- if he was subscribing to the feeds over time, or if he could analyze a new newsgroup on demand.


Google Groups let's you read and write to most newsgroups, give that a try.

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