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You can silence specific notifications categories via the UNSUBSCRIBE link in the e-mail notification.


The only way would be for your friend to share the photo only with you. Anyone who can see a Facebook post can also see all likes and comments on it. The ticker on the right is a firehose of everything happening among your Facebook friends, including Likes. It displays everything chronologically without trying to prioritize anything (unlike the news feed, ...


It's not just one place where you need to do changes, but this is roughly how you can avoid being spammed with unwanted messages from Facebook: Step 1: Go in the Settings page and check out the Privacy and Timeline pages to customize the privacy level so that you don't allow anyone else to perform activities on your profile (tag you in pictures and videos, ...


Setting your birthday to "Friends of Friends" means that when your friends and their friends visit the About page on your profile, they will see the month and day of your birthday. In addition, the fact that your friends can see your birthday means that Facebook will notify all of your friends about your birthday. You don't need to change anything - your ...

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