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For google spreadsheets there is the option to enable it in the sheet itself: I'm not aware of any way to do this with other documents except the activity stream or using scripts. bbatman describes in his answer how to do this.


A simple 3 steps here http://mon-ip.awardspace.com/how-to-unblock-facebook-friends.php Hope it helps ;)


I don't know a way for you to do this in Facebook's settings, but I think that Trackur (http://www.trackur.com/social-media-monitoring) can help you to find all the user's mentions about your business if those mentions are public. You can learn more about what Trackur can do for you, here: ...


If you're using Gmail, you can create a filter so these messages don't hit your inbox. If you don't want any emails from YouTube, you can search for it and then click create filter. You can add additional criteria on the next page, confirming the results before creating the filter.

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