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Found the solution after more searches ... Use an Exchange account with this configuration : Domain\User : Full email adress (e.g. : john.doe@outlook.com) Server name : s.outlook.com Other : Works with SSL on ports 443 and 993 Then, everything will be syncable


Use a desktop email client such as Thunderbird/Outlook. The client will fetch your emails for offline use and then you will be able to save your data from the program. An alternative for this is to have a Google mail account which will allow you to import your old emails directly into your new Gmail account's inbox. Source.


Ìn Outlook Desktop, Office 2013, the option is under the menus: File Info Options tab Calendar tab scroll down to see the Auto Accept/Decline button - click this Tick whichever options you want (optsions: auto accept and remove cancellations, auto decline conflicts auto, auto decline all) I imagine that Outlook web is similar - maybe search for the ...


I got this from a blog help article and it stopped Excel 365 from animating the transition from one cell to the new one I was clicking, which is similar to the problem you are describing: Right click on My Computer icon on the Desktop and choose Properties option OR just hit Win+Pause In the System window click the "Advanced System Settings" link in the ...

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