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From what I've read here, and here, everything indicates that you can't add back your original myname@hotmail.com, or at least not right now, but you might have some options: Wait for a rather longer amount of time, until the address is free and create a new account with it. (Not a new alias because it won't let you.) This period can vary from 30 days to ...


No, it is not possible. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oaccount-omyinfo/renamemerge-a-hotmail-and-a-outlook-account/1e0818b0-3107-40ee-ac2b-c6ad85de3ebe Linking is also not available any more.


I've installed Skype and used the tools->options->privacy to clean all the conversation history. It removed all the conversations from Skype and from Outlook.com.

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