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You can add Your meetup calendar to Google Calendar accessable over your personal home page. Information and image source


You can simply export/Save-as the calendar from MS Outlook and import it into Google calendar. Note, however, that there does appear to be a restriction with Outlook's repeating events. From Google's import dialog: "Google Calendar can import event information in ical or CSV (MS Outlook)" Open Outlook Click Calendar Right click on the calendar ...


After 8 months of research, I think I found the solution, which is multifaceted. There are two issues (possibly more) that could be at play. Here is my final solution, which I posted here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2013_release-outlook/exchange- ISSUE 1 - Possible Two Step verification problem and App passwords: Sign in to ...


Found the solution after more searches ... Use an Exchange account with this configuration : Domain\User : Full email adress (e.g. : john.doe@outlook.com) Server name : s.outlook.com Other : Works with SSL on ports 443 and 993 Then, everything will be syncable


Gmail filters act on incoming messages, not outgoing. (Gmail support: Using filters). However, you can ameliorate those "oh no" moments by turning on the "Undo Send" lab in Gmail Labs. Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Undo Send Essentially, this "holds" a message for up to 30 seconds to give you a changes to hit "Undo" and pull it back before it's truly gone. ...


I prefer Sync2 Here is article about Outlook synchronization solutions on Guardian. Full solution list can be found on syncdroid.net. Most popular are: Sync2, CompanionLink, gSyncit


Sync your outlook calendar to office online. See "grant access" section in the link. Then just subscribe your google account to this calendar. This method allow only one way synchronization (subscription) from Google Calendar to Outlook.

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