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I've tried pretty much every solution I've found on the web, and none of them have worked for me. I've resigned myself to exporting each event manually when I RSVP.


The connection has been made inside your friend's Contacts list. Because your friend has somehow got your gmail address as well as your hotmail address, and s/he had said that they belong to the same person, the connection is made - but ONLY inside his/her contacts. The only way to break it is to ask your friend to delete the gmail address and profile ...


I couldn't get this to work on GCal either (first time worked, but it wouldn't update). You could however export the subscription calendar link, and manually add it to your calendar - this will create a sync'ed calendar that you will never have to manually update Go to meetup.com home page with the calendar widget on the right Export To -> iCal Calendar ...

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