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The YouTube Content ratings are based on Language, Nudity, Sexual Situations, Violence and Drug Use Language L : Strong Language Content rated L may contain some expletives and profanity; however such words should be infrequent and not used in a sexual context. Content with expletives and profanity that have been bleeped should be rated L as well. An L ...


In Google, "Search settings", "SafeSearch Filtering", setting your search filter to 'strict' will return you pretty good safe results. In Bing, under "Preferences", use the "disable filtering" dialog. It allows to display parental hits. See bing.com/settings.aspx.


When you do reach the movie page (which for some countries movies requires paying), expand the movie information box and click on the "What does that mean" you finally get the content ratings help page on Youtube. In short: L for language (expletives, profanities, sexual innuendo, even if bleeped out, or even potentially offensive/disrespectful strong ...


heaven forbid he is watching MythBusters, he could learn something. As stated, you can't block individual shows. Just revoke the device, change your Netflix account password, and the issue should go away.

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