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Go to Yahoo password recovery page and follow the instructions. In your case select the first option and click on Next. Enter your Yahoo ID, you will redirect to How would you like to recover access to your account? page with options to recover like: Send an email to alternatemailid Send a text message to : phone number Answer the security questions ...


In Google Contacts, when you add a Google email address to a contract, it will show you the connected Google+ profile, if there is one. So just add all of your Google email addresses to one or more contacts and watch for the connected Google+ profiles.


You might try to send a message to that profile and see what email address receives the notification. One way is to create a G+ post (with another account, obviously) and share it only with the profile you're trying to reach. There's also, depending on settings, a "send message" icon displayed under the profile picture. Or you might simply add the profile ...


It seems as it was true before, but meanwhile I was asked to enter another alternative mail address which allowed be to change the security question and then the password.

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