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Most probably arXiv reads the source code of the PDF. E.g. from a paper I have opened with Notepad++ <</Creator( TeX output 2011.03.09:1851)/Producer(MiKTeX-dvipdfmx \(20100328\))/CreationDate(D:20110309185222+01'00')>> note:maybe you want to try to ask this in academia.stackexchange


Now there's a better tool: http://pdf2doc.com It doesn't ask for email to deliver the results and has no silly limit on a file size.


You might be able to approximate what you want using Google Apps Script API to Gmail. (But consider using a workflow app. Perhaps Asana, or Bugzilla, or a Google Sites Gadget.)


You can get part of the way there with just Gmail. Add in something like IFTTT and you can get a little further. Note, however, that it's probably not going to be as intelligent as you'd like it and you may occasionally get false matches. Here's my take on it: Send an automatic received receipt exclusively to emails that send time-sheet type image or ...

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