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This actually happens in all formats that I've tried (not just PDF). I can't offer a ready-made solution for generating the PDF format. But I did solve this for HTML. Programmatically, you would need to parse the (HTML) document and rewrite the href attribute while URLdecoding the true link which is after the ?q= part. The code here is PHP from the ...


There are a range of answers to this question: You can print and Save to PDF when managing entries, and then use this PDF in the permitting system. If you really want the PDF to match an official paper form today, you can use a services like Zapier to connect your forms to WebMerge to generate PDF forms. You can do this today with our JSON post feature ...


Get the RAW link of that README.md file. Then go to web2pdfconvert. Paste link and click Convert to PDF. Download your PDF.

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