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There is no technical way that you can prevent someone sharing a photo with others, if they're determined. The other answer explains how you can share with a specific group of Google users (size of group, 1 or more). But if a person you have shared with decides to screen-shot what they are seeing, they can save the image to some service (their own Google ...


Yes, you are right. If you share a photo via link if would be visible for everyone who has the link. You can share your photos with specific person by using these steps: From Share a photo album: Open Google+. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google+ main menu. Click Photos icon Photos > More at the top of the page > Albums. Click the ...


Try to delete the photos from the trash bin after deleting them from your photo uploads folder and, after this, re-upload the photos. If still not possible, use a different file name and when it's about hundreds of photos use something like a "bulk rename utility."

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