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A search for wordpress "this post is super awesome" with the quotes revealed some blogs about the "Surprise Me" option that has been added to Wordpress. Checking "Surprise Me" enables this checkbox on posts. A lot of the posts mention that if you check this option something happens after you hit "Publish" but are coy about what that "something" is. ...


The option is still in Blogger-in-Draft (blue-logo blogger in the picture you've quoted), it hasn't been released to production Blogger as yet. Tools that are in BID sometimes get withdrawn and then re-instated, as part of the process of pre-production testing. That's just one of the disadvantages of using BID.


This will depend on the subreddit. If the subreddit doesn't state its guidelines or policy regarding posting your own content or reposts in its sidebar or its subreddit wiki/FAQ, it's best to ask the mods of the subreddit first (through the 'Message the Moderators' link in the sidebar). The Reddit FAQ has this to say about spam posts: What constitutes ...


A way would be to setup an If This Then That task such that presence of a hashtag will cross post it to either service. This recipe created by me does that - posts any tweet with hashtag #fb to facebook


Either the account you are using is somehow being blacklisted from commenting with the plugin or there is a bug. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments and try there. Also you can test it by placing another URL in the box If you think everything is in order and it is still giving problems, you will need to file a bug at ...


Nope. No way to add tags/categories to emails. Which is odd, given that you should simply add tags to the subject field.


Only one way to check. apps.facebook.com/twitter/ facebook.com/twitter 1st path: Twitter to Facebook 2nd path: Facebook to Twitter Final Answer: No There is no infinite loop. This is an okay way to get automated posted working.

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