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Another way of doing it is by using the following formula. Formula =IFERROR(QUERY(A2:C8, "SELECT C WHERE B <=" & E2 & "ORDER BY C ASC LIMIT 1"),"") Explained The complete range is set to be the data range. The quasi SELECT statement first filters on items that are less or equal to the selected min qty. Then the items are ordered ascendingly ...


Actually, I figured this one out: =if(isblank(C3), "", VLOOKUP(C3, Prices!$A$2:$B$8, 2, true)) Where C3 is the quantity sold, and A2:B8 is the pricing chart range. 2 is the column index (1-indexed), which is in this case unit price (I took out the id column). The true indicates that my list is already sorted. I check if blank so that I don't have 0s all ...

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