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At the moment, you're not able to hide the last time you were active on Facebook. If you'd like to provide feedback to the messages product team about this, please visit our Help Center:


Browse Google without being logged in while still logged into Gmail To use Google, aka Google Search, without being logged in while you are logged in Gmail, use one of the following: 1: Two different web browsers 2: Use two different web browser profiles 3: Use two windows of the same web browser, one in regular navigation mode and the other in private ...


Select Dashboard in the top navigation bar Select Edit Profile on the top right of your profile Click or slide the bar, just under the “Done” button on the top right, from Searchable “Yes” to Searchable “No” Select a reason in the pop-up box and click Yes, Not Searchable Click Done to complete the change


For users attempting to send email from a Google Apps account address via a different gmail address, while avoiding the "on behalf of" issue. Based on this answer, I can confirm that Google requires the following security setting change before you are allowed to "Send mail as" a different Gmail/Google Apps account. STEPS Log into the account whose ...

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