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If you go to photos.google.com on a computer, and just stay on the photos tab (ie don't go into Collections), how many photos can you see? I recently discovered that there are some photos in your account that the Google Photos software doesn't show you - I think that this is something to do with the privacy settings on the tools where you uploaded them (eg ...


Here is a walkthrough on how to see your shared photos and stop sharing them taken from Google Help. This might be different than public photos though. To see your shared photos: Open the Google Photos app or go to photos.google.com on a computer. At the top left, touch or click the menu icon. Select Shared links. To stop sharing them: ...


Update: You don't have to do anything. The comments you make on YouTube will now appear only on YouTube, not also on Google+ The only YouTube activity that gets posted to Google+ is comments. To stop that from happening simply uncheck "Also share to Google+" when commenting.


The setting you're looking for is actually on the Privacy tab in your settings. Change it from "Everyone" to "Friends", and only people who you are in your Friends list will be able to find you by your phone number.


Summary: You can delete the Facebook-Search-History As the former answer states, this is actually a feature: weighted search. The functions you are looking for are a little bit hidden. When focusing the search-bar, without anything in it, right underneath it the title "Recent Searches" appears and on the right side there is a little link labeled "edit". ...


This is basically weighted searching. If you've been searching for xyc constantly then it makes sense to have that as the first item. The only way to override this will be to search for xy then continually choose consistently an option other than xyc. Depending on how long you have been searching for xyc will determine how far down xyc gets pushed in the ...


As you suggest in your comments, they can find you with your alternate mail—the mail you add in case you lose your password / other security reasons. If your contact has a Google profile associated with any email address, including an alternate email address, or profile link you’ve stored in that contact’s entry, you'll see information from their profile ...


The source of these invitations is the contacts list of the person who invited you. The invitation process is described here. I don't think you would get an email if the contact list of that person didn't contain your email address. (Otherwise, how would G+ know which John Smith is invited to join the circle?). The only explanation I can give is that the ...


If you have not yet joined Google+ then you are not in Google+ Search. Google+ does not show a user's email address to anyone unless the user explicitly made the email visible. Basically the user who invited you will almost certainly have to have already had your email address.

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