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I've written a (very basic) front-end to AWeg's version of the copy script. You can use it here: http://asana.kothar.net It works for small projects, but at the moment I don't have any large ones to test it with - I suspect it will time out on the server, since it tries to do everything in one go. Sourcecode is available of course.


There are a number of ways to accomplish what you want. Experiment to see what works best with your team. We use recurring tasks to manage these (we had one board with lists for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual/Once tasks) Method One: Each person assigned to a card will be subscribed to the card activity and therefore receive an email notice of activity ...


The jsFiddle server takes the pieces you specify and constructs an actual HTML page that is made up of the CSS, HTML and Javascript and included script files that you've specified. It creates a real HTML page server side and then specifies that source URL in an iframe so the browser will take it all in and parse it as a real web page.

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