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Your tweets with hashtags thus far have all also contained links. They aren't showing up due to the omission/filtering out of tweets containing links/urls from Twitter discussions or in Twitter's search. Though this is not an 'official' rule, it seems to be a well documented problem (See Search not returning tweets with a URL) Twitter's FAQ suggests that ...


One possible solution is to use a combination of Google Apps. Google Site for the public view and wiki Google Code for code sharing, issue tracking, tasks Google Docs for formal documentation Google Groups You can get very creative with this. Good luck.


You need to change your main account status to public, and then set individual albums to private. Here are more details from the Photobucket help: You can edit your album privacy settings on the All Albums page. Your main account status must be set to Public before you can change the privacy setting of individual albums. See Change your account privacy ...


I have used SharePoint to solve that problem but unless you have a team of developers, I would not go down that road. I checked on AlternativeTo and there is a startup called TeamLab that may be just what you need. They even offer a Basecamp import feature. It is offerered as SaaS or Open Source software.

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