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Posts on reddit can get flagged by an automatic spam filter. This tends to happen pretty often to new users to a particular subreddit -- the spam filter is per-subreddit, so you may still be treated as a new user on /r/ImGoingToHellForThis even if you're a regular on another subreddit. That is the most common cause for post removal. It could have also ...


Most of these are markers to show you that the text has been deleted. There is nothing to see. There really isn't supposed to be a way to access it unless you can find a cache of the page before that text was deleted. So instead of showing: [deleted] the AskReddit subreddit just added in images to visually spice it up If you look into the ...


I was able to do this using Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) in Chrome* by adding "self" as a "domain" filter. *Also works for Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers

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