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I found this help page for "what is submitter reddit next to my name". The [S] indicates that I'm the original poster, the one who started the page/link discussion, equivalent to bolding my name on Stack Exchange. A comment of V2Blast: In general, if you see an "S", "F", "M", "A", or "Δ" (delta), you can hover over it to see what it means. (In ...


Install the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) browser extension, then in Settings (gear icon at the side of Reddit preferences link) » Account » Username Hider » set to 'On'.


In Comment Threads In any reddit comment thread, you have the option to change your comment sorting options via a drop-down menu immediately under the 'top X comments' header. Here's a screenshot from /r/worldnews with RES enabled, where I've enabled the 'sorted by' drop-down menu: Simply click the down arrow next to 'sorted by: option' to view the ...

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