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Remember the Milk is a task list application first. The notes are not the focus here and the options are limited when it comes to taking notes. Evernote is a note taking application and it specializes in that field. If you need to take notes, use Evernote (or another note taking app but this one is good), if you need to manage tasks/todos and attach notes ...


Though that would be awesome - You cannot share a Smart List. You can share a List , or numerous tasks but not a Smart List. Here is how I would do it. Search for your tag tag:grocery And either select all your task you want to Share and just share that way (I think you already know this way) The other way, which I use it , is the List. So move your ...


You can start by skipping the start page. Always skip this page Then go to your settings and Lists Page[your username]/#section.settings Select All Tasks go to more Actions and set as default. This should work. My default was Personal and I tried using All tasks (logged out and cleared cache).


The major differences are that Evernote is designed for note-taking, web clippings, and memos while Remember the Milk is focused on tasks with a due date. Evernote can hold many formats of information you find while RTM can send you reminders through email, SMS, or Twitter of set tasks. Don't hesitate to try both of them out. I use both regularly.


If I am understanding your requirements correctly, it appears that Remember The Milk can be configured in this way: 1. Go to Settings 2. Go to Reminders 3. Under the option "blank before the task is due, check the box and input "1 day" 4. Under the option "Send daily reminders at" input your desired time. 5. Under the option "I want to be reminded by..." ...


I don't know about "remember the milk" but Google Calendar has amazing notification options that are very easy to use. To set up notification: go to Google Calendar ( click the settings wheel button in the top right corner click the "Mobile Setup" tab and set up with your phone information (country, phone number, verification code that ...


Go to Settings->Tags, mark the checkbox next to each tag to be deleted, and then select "delete tag" from the dropdown menu at the top of the list. You can see if a tag is in use (for either complete and/or incomplete tasks) by hovering over the name of the tag.


Posting what I believe is the correct answer to my own question... No, there is no way in the user interface (website or mobile) to find large batches of unused tags which could then be deleted in bulk. In Best way to permanently delete unused tags? (Remember the Milk support forum), a user asked about the best way to remove unused tags. The answer given ...


Try what you've proposed: delete the calendar by going to Settings -> Calendars and unsubscribe / delete. Then re-add it to GCalendar. I'd seek support with RTM (they're the ones pushing events to that calendar, plus you have a PRO account).

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