Remember The Milk is a suite of applications for task management, described by PCWorld with “reinvents the to-do list”.

Remember The Milk’s website banner presently shows:

  • Manage tasks from anywhere
  • Get email, SMS, or IM reminders
  • Share your tasks
  • Access from your phone
  • Manage tasks offline
  • Use with Google Calendar
  • Add tasks from iGoogle
  • Sign up free! *

In June 2014 RTM (founded by Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani and launched in 2005) claimed over 5 million users.


We've developed apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry 10; gadgets for Gmail and Google Calendar; sync with Microsoft Outlook and Evernote; adding tasks via email, Siri, and Twitter; and a bunch more!

care may be required when choosing an appropriate Stack Exchange site, if any, for a question with this tag.

* Wikipedia mentions “Users must pay a subscription to synchronise among multiple devices more than once a day.”

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