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TeamViewer gets my vote - it does require the person hosting the screen share to run an app, however they don't have to install anything (.dmg for OSX and .exe for Windows - I believe Linux is supported as well) You can use the web-based client/viewer or download a client to your machine to view/control the remote user. Super powerful, well implemented and ...


I recommend Fogcreek Copilot. It's not quite completely browser based, but you don't need to install it. It's also free to use on weekends, so you can give it a shot to see if it'll work well for you.


I would use dimdim They offer a lot for the free account too!


To clarify for you a "cloud" is pool of resources (servers, storage etc) that are presented to the end users as a single system. This frees the end users from having to know about individual resources. for example, you just go to "gmail.com", you don't have to know which of the 1000's of google servers you are actually connecting to. you don't have to worry ...


Yes such a web application already exists on the web. They are commonly referred to as Web Desktops. Check out http://eyeos.org/. If you wish to develop such an application yourself, I may help you as I am working on a lil bit advanced version of eyeOS. (just out of curiosity).

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