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This blog has a pretty good outline of Saas vs PaaS vs IaaS and compares what Google, Amazon, Azure and other "cloud" providers offer. Here's generally how they breakdown: For more information check out this blog post about how Cloud computing compares vs traditional dedicated servers or VPS/VMs. or this post specific for Azure terms and definitions.


As I see it, SaaS is a subset of Cloud. SaaS specifically relates to Software that makes use of the Cloud. There are other Cloud technologies like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service, e.g., Google App Engine), storage (e.g. Amazon S3) and so on... As for ASP, I think that's pretty much synonymous with SaaS...


There is Upload & View: Open your Microsoft Project and Planner files right in the web browser! Edit: Edit projects using Gantt or PERT views. And yes, we do version control for your documents ;) Export: Use converters to quickly export documents into other project formats as well as PDF or PNG. Share: Share ...

2 does seem to provide a hosted service.


You can try the following services: Movielocker MindBites


Have you tried It has the benefit of multiple engines, however, I don't know if they allow users with persistently large usage.


In my mind, the two terms are essentially synonymous, especially for the general user. If you want to look for differences, "SaaS" probably connotes more of an "application" (e.g. a hosted web app such as, Gmail, Basecamp, etc.); while "Cloud Based Service" is more generic, implying all of the above, as well as services like Dropbox, online ...


SocialCast is another solution that has a free tier as well as paid hosted, and paid behind the firewall version. I've tried the free versions of SocialCast and Yammer. I preferred Yammer, but not for any real good reason, just personal preference.


I would suggest you use a P2 Theme in wordpress Neat and elegant


Google Moderator was built specifically for this purpose.


Cloud Computing is a utility based model. That utility can be hardware (IaaS), software (SaaS), or OS (PaaS) like Azure etc. It's different from ASP as it's hosted else where in any of the cloud providers’ datacenters and you "Pay as you go". Don't have to pay more/less, pay only for what you use. This is SaaS. So ASP is just hosting where as SaaS is ...


From my understanding all SaaS models essentially utilize the cloud because they are not hosted on the client's server. However, all apps in the Cloud are not necessarily SaaS apps.

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