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The reason that the sites you mention don't take advantage of the feature is because it doesn't work quite like you'd expect. It's true that that app will open in full-screen if you set the metatag, but any clicks that request a new page will launch Safari to display them. So in order to stay within the web-app, all your links need to open via ajax. Too ...


I think Glyphboard is a clever example. The app is here: http://mrgan.com/gb/ (iPhone link) and some (technical) background info is here: http://mrgan.tumblr.com/post/98547533/fullscreen-web-apps


I don't believe that it's possible with the web version. It's possible on the native Mail app because it's simply changing the folder where a swiped messages goes; it works with all hosts because Mail just says "move this message to folder X". However, the Gmail online app isn't an IMAP client that says "move this message", but instead is Gmail itself. ...

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