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Short answer At this time Google Photos doesn't include a feature for searching public photos and searching only photos in Google+ isn't not available at this time. Explanation Google Photos, Google Plus Photos and Picasa Web Albums are three different services. They could have some similar features but not all are the same. I.E. Albums created in Google+ ...


All your photos, organized, and easy to find source Google Photos is currently for your own photos. Your options are basically to use Picasa Web Albums Search, Google+ Search or Google Images Search.


Just use Google Image Search: https://www.google.com/imghp


Summary: You can delete the Facebook-Search-History As the former answer states, this is actually a feature: weighted search. The functions you are looking for are a little bit hidden. When focusing the search-bar, without anything in it, right underneath it the title "Recent Searches" appears and on the right side there is a little link labeled "edit". ...


Probably he has blocked you. So you are not able to find him, but from another account or any other account which is not blocked by him, you will be able to find him. When a user block someone, blocked user can not find that user and can not see any activity from that user on Facebook.


This is basically weighted searching. If you've been searching for xyc constantly then it makes sense to have that as the first item. The only way to override this will be to search for xy then continually choose consistently an option other than xyc. Depending on how long you have been searching for xyc will determine how far down xyc gets pushed in the ...


As of July 2015, at least there is no reliable way to use a NOT operator. At least on Amazon.de searching for hard drive -usb will reduce the number of USB drives, but already the last result on the first page contained "USB" in the title. Searching for tischventilator -usb (German for table fan) on the other hand pushes usb devices even more to the top ...

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