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There is no way to search by "friends you may know"" The closest Graph query will be "Friend Name friends who live in West Virginia" https://www.facebook.com/search/112083625475436/residents/present/FRIEND_ID_HERE/friends/intersect


Its possible with bing by using there Search API. Here's a link to one that someone has created via the API: https://open.blockspring.com/bs/bing-web-search-im-feeling-lucky That will allow you to search bing with I'm feeling lucky, but you need an API key. you can get 5,000 free requests here: https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/bing/search


You can achieve what you want using the Verbatim link on the returned results (the default is All Results) Without selecting Verbatim: After selecting Verbatim:


Basically, you can “tell” the Google web search app how to interpret your input. Literal search: you can use " to enclose a literal string to search for, like "BandIsBand" Domain Search: you can use is site:<domain or URL>. This can limit the results to only include the site/domain you specify. Like banana Site:stackexchange.com Some Googlefu ...

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