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It appears that these warnings are being generated from my chat/IM client (Trillian) as Yahoo are in the process of relaunching Yahoo Instant Messenger. I only discovered this when I installed the Trillian app on my mobile. I got a security warning immediately when Trillian launched for the first time.


This option is only available using a browser as documented in the 'Sign out of all sessions' of this article. I just tested and this option can be found in a mobile browser. I used Chrome on my Android phone. Start by going to Select the menu icon on the left, scroll to the bottom, choose the Desktop link, then follow the same steps you ...


To revoke trusted devices, do the following: Go to Click on Remove all the trusted devices associated with my account under Trusted devices section


If you are concerned then be sure to change your password as the first step. There isn't much readily available information to find out what you want to know. However, log into your Yahoo! account and go to your "Account Information" page from the top right (below your name). You should be asked for your password again. When the page opens, click on the ...


Another method is you can check Where You're Logged In section under Security Settings, it shows list of devices and browsers that have been used to log in to your Facebook account recently. You can end any session by clicking End Activity. Facebook Help Center says: To log out of Facebook on another computer, phone or tablet: Go to your ...


Change your password. After you change your password Facebook will ask you if you want all other devices to log out. Answer YES to this. I suspect that another account is maintaining the login.

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