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Excellent question! I am a developer for Cognito Forms and am glad to answer this. First, we need to document this as a separate page in our help documentation to make this very clear, but we do discuss our security a bit at the bottom of the How to Setup Payment page. To expand upon this, here is what we do to protect the security of our customer's data: ...


As far as I know, yes, this is legitimate. I've had a few local business clients that have gotten these recently. Seems to require frequent access attempts from a unique but different IP address. And I think these emails only started being sent fairly recently - never seen them before this month.


It's likely that Gmail didn't consider the access suspicious, since Belgium and France are close (I'm not sure what parameters Gmail uses to consider an access unusual). This article here may help you, specially this portion: In addition, if you access Gmail on a mobile device, your login history will contain mobile logins that may appear to come from ...


Belgium and France - that is not an unlikely scenario. That IP is from the south of France, Orange. Make sure you're not a victim of DHCP hijacking, and a MITM attack. It's an unlikely scenario, but not impossible. You can set the DHCP setting of your computer to (Google) or OpenDNS. Change your password. Use two factor. If you find this a hassle, ...


The best way to solve this problem is to set up a second account for your work. That's the most secure way. It's better if everything is strictly seperated.


If you have any sessions not properly logged out , there is a chance of others using your account. There are more ways Facebook can be hacked, one way is a person knowing your user account or the mobile number associated with it. Change your privacy settings so that the allowed persons can only view your personal stuff and logout sessions if you have used ...

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