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I am a developer for Cognito Forms responsible for the SharePoint integration features. Unfortunately, Cognito Forms does not currently support authentication with SharePoint web applications that utilize forms-based authentication. Supported authentication methods include Windows authentication for on-premises SharePoint web applications and SharePoint ...


The kind of this you are asking for actually requires legal contacts between the two Companies involved. What you are speaking about is clearly not possible at all - in the same way as there is no way to transfer any of your stuff from Google+ to Facebook or vice-versa. There may be some scripts, browser-extensions to do this or may be you can create one. ...


If Joshua' formula doesn't quite work for you, you may need to substitute all the semicolons for commas. =VALUE(IF(NOT(ISBLANK([IPAddress])),(LEFT([IPAddress], FIND(".",[IPAddress],1)-1)*16777216)+(MID([IPAddress], FIND(".",[IPAddress],1)+1,FIND(".",[IPAddress], FIND(".",[IPAddress],1)+1)-FIND(".",[IPAddress],1)-1)*65536)+ ...


I think it is not as easy as it looks... http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff384821.aspx

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