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No, not everything with everyone. That would be wrong and insane Here's from official documentation: (click on link to see everything, I'll just quote up a few paragraphs) WITH OTHER PAYPAL USERS When transacting with others, we may provide those parties with information about you necessary to complete the transaction, such as your name, account ID,...


I think Amazon is more or less doing what you want. Check out this link for example, for the Movie the Sorcerer's Apprentice (a movie coming out soon). If you login to your Amazon account you can add a notification request of ...


There doesn't appear to be a way to do this other than by scripting. This seems like a good suggestion to put to Amazon though.


Using Facebook Payment Facebook owns a payment system available through the API to any developer wishing to earn money. Facebook Payments is a payment system that offers a safe, easy and fast way to pay for digital and virtual goods in games and apps across Facebook. Source: This payment system ...


You can search a particular site with Google, Yahoo!, Bing,, and many other search engines with the site: operator. For instance, to search for music, you'd enter the following in the search query box: music


The latter. It is simply used to get a rough idea of how many people are interested in it. Once there are 200 requests, you get an email from Massdrop informing you that you can now purchase the product.


First of all, try blocking Third-Party Cookies. Most of these retargeting ads are run by scripts that won't be able to drop their own cookies if they aren't from the same domain as the site you're visiting. There are a few more things you can do, depending on your choice of browser. Adblock-type plugins (available for Chrome or Firefox) will often block the ...


No, there is no way to do this currently though it might be possible through the API.


You could use SpringPad to capture the product page you have found. This webapp will recognize the product and additional data about it including the price and will store it for you in the form of notes similar to Evernote

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