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Assuming you mean the first search result, this is already built in to Google! Notice there is already a little ▶ arrow will next to the first search result. Turns out pressing enter after your search will navigate to that first search result automatically – note that you may need to press tab first to set the focus to it. If you don't want ...


When typing with suggest, down arrow to select a query and right arrow to select I'm feeling lucky option. Shortcuts for when you're typing in the search box: enter will search for exactly what you typed in the search box. tab will update the query you’ve typed to match the first prediction. ↓ will highlight the next predicted query and show new ...


Scrolling up and down a page isn't a GMail-specific shortcut but the browser/OS default. You can use Space bar to scroll down but there's no equivalent to scroll up (you have to use the ↑ or Page Up) to do that. If the conversation has multiple long messages, you can use N & P to jump to the beginning of the later/earlier message respectively.


There is a solution here; http://www.ampercent.com/create-desktop-shortcuts-of-google-docs-documents/6710/ Open the document or spreadsheet in your Google docs account and copy the full URL of the document. Create a new desktop shortcut and type the URL of he document in the shortcuts location. All done, now you have a new shortcut in your ...


There are two ways: Perform a search to find all the messages you want to select. (You can use is:unread too) Click select all You will see that above the first item in the list there is a banner that says something like: All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all # conversations in "..."; click that link. You can also do this with a ...


Typing s will toggle the star status of the current item. There are a lot of other shortcut descriptions at Google Reader Help FAQ, such as the keys j and k to move up & down the individual items. without opening them. I do not know though how to move the selected item (which is what gets starred) by anything more than 1 at a time. I assume you are ...


Maybe something like Pentadactyl/Vimperator (Firefox) or Vimium (Chrome) plugins is something for you?


You could use this UserScript that adjusts the amount of scroll when pressing the Space bar. If you've got any JavaScript experience, you could write your own UserScript for you browser that uses keys to scroll up and down.


This isn't possible for the following reasons: Amazon only allows sorting when you have selected a Department The only review based sorting option available is by Avg. Customer Review There are a few Amazon community threads that have specifically asked for this search ability due to it being available on other sites, but so far no action taken.


You could build yourself a grease monkey script to handle a key binding or create an extension, but if I were you, I would not waste time on doing so since Google is about to close Google Notebook down. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/fall-spring-clean.html


If Evernote is running (even in the background), you can use the global hotkey/shortcut Ctrl + Alt + N to switch to Evernote and start a new Note. This works even when on browser is the active window. OK, this is not just one button, but 3 buttons, but you can setup a new global hotkey as well (setup a one-button global hotkey in Windows) See the ...


Evernote web clipper information can be found here; http://www.evernote.com/about/download/web_clipper.php Device specific links are here; http://www.evernote.com/about/download/all.php Hope this helps.


Google Drive now lets you "Share" your documents. You can use this to copy the direct URL to your file. Right-click on the document you want to point to and select Share. Copy the URL provided Right-click on your desktop and select 'New' > 'Shortcut' and paste in the copied URL.

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