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Scroll down to the bottom of your inbox page and click "Details" by Last account activity. On the screen that pops up, click "Sign out all other sessions."


Google's multiple sign-on capability helps you manage more than one of your accounts simultaneously. Signing-in to a different account when you're already signed-in, would link both your accounts. And on each additional sign-in, each of the accounts are linked to one other. Signing-out from one account would implicitly mean that you sign-out from all your ...

3 Signing out If you choose to sign out of any account while using multiple sign-in, you will be signed out of all your accounts. To resume using multiple sign-in, you will need sign in to one account and then use the Add Account option to sign in to your other account(s).


I have found Chrome has a new feature for logging into different users. To do it: Open settings Click on Signed in as __... Under the "Users" section, click add new user. Now I can be logged into as many Google drives as I want, each with their own Chrome instance! To see which window is what, look for the little avatar that you chose in the top left ...


While a log out does sign you out of each Google Account, you can use multiple browsers to accomplish nearly what you want. I use 4 Google Accounts* with Chrome (apparently there is a 4 account at once max limit) and open FireFox or IE to use the 5th or 6th Google Account. Another Set of 4 might work here too. On another note, I am not sure I agree that ...

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