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One thought based on the next to last requirement is to watch the evolution (Developer release is open http://www.joindiaspora.com/2010/09/15/developer-release.html) of Diaspora. Find more information at http://www.joindiaspora.com/ current state. We already have a rudimentary prototype of Diaspora running on our machines, and are working like ...


namechk.com will check 149 sites (although some don't seem to work). The check is done on the client-side using JavaScript, so name squatting is not easily possible.


Wait 3 months. Then look mainly at things that say they support oStatus. What is oStatus? oStatus is emerging as the main protocol that will support distributed social networking. It's a collection of other technologies that enable the distributed social web. webfinger - for finding friends, openid, service discovery etc. salmon protocol - for ...


Incoming stream shows content from people who aren't in your circles & they are following you. The Home stream shows content from whom you've explicitly added in your circles


Orkut - Owned by google, other than that I am not personally familiar. Friends list to connect with others (YES) Photo sharing integration with Flickr (YES, but Picasa, not Flickr) Video integration with YouTube (YES) Micro-Blogging integration with Twitter or it's own micro-blogging engine (Not sure) Messaging Login with OpenID (YES, Google's OAuth ...


Twitter won't redirect tweets to your new handle if someone tweets to your old handle. Your old handle will be left for grabs so anyone will be able to use it. I suggest you take possession of your old handle (simply sign up as a new user with a different email address) and note in the description what your new handle is (and why). That way, even if ...


Ning Photo sharing integration with Flickr - Yes Source Video integration with YouTube - Yes - Source Micro-Blogging integration with Twitter or it's own micro-blogging engine - Yes Source Messaging - Yes as well as Chat Login with OpenID - No Not stupid micro-web-app integration like Mafia and Farmville Be gone Zynga! Granular privacy controls so I can ...


None. The features might be the same, but the biggest value of Facebook nowadays is that everyone is on it. Dial in your privacy settings.


Similar to namechk.com mentioned by @neo, knowem.com will search 150-300 sites for free, and will register them for you if you pay for their premium service.




Cliqset ticks all of your boxes. Sounds like what you need is true interoperability, control and data portability.


Long time ago I started to use couple of random letters (Fczbkk) as my nickname. So far it was everywhere I tried to register. Even my domain (http://fczbkk.com) was free. Choosing "Fczbkk" was one of the best decisions I have ever made. So if you just need an unique identifier for your on-line identity, I'd recommend using any random generator. Or you can ...


Hehe... Myspace?


LinkedIn announced that they shut down the GitHub application, as of 26 November 2012. Now, LinkedIn only offers this, for sharing from Github: You still have the option to share your code from GitHub on LinkedIn by sharing links on your homepage or in groups. In other words, you can share links from Github the same way that you share links from ...


There are a number of universities that run social network sites based on Elgg. You can find some of them on the list here. Sites powered by Elgg Others, such as the University of Mary Washington and University of Lincoln are using Buddypress. Saint Augustine's College uses Ning and Arizona State has a network called Is Talking


If you're looking to do real-time responding you may want to look in to Twitter Streaming API. You can use the filter method and supply 'track' keywords that function much like search but the result are streamed to you in real-time.


There a couple of alternatives that allow you to select people from a Grid using check boxes. http://twitlistmanager.com/ http://tweetbe.at/list-manager/ This is also Pitupasa that is in Beta. They have a couple of features that are coming soon which may interest you: Find people with shared interests People you reply/RT most often


There is rumor out there that Google is going to launch Facebook competitor "Google Me". It was mentioned by Kevin Rose in This Week in Tech podcast #254 (http://twit.tv/254) ...


Bebo? Photo sharing integration with Flickr - Don't think so Video integration with YouTube - Definitely Micro-Blogging integration with Twitter or it's own micro-blogging engine - Has it's own blogging stuff, which could be used for microblogging Messaging - Of course Login with OpenID - Nope For the other points, I don't really know. It's worth ...


It is possible but not through Twitter UI. The solution would need programming and maybe a directed graph to keep track of the connections.


There is no way to access a group without a facebook account. To read a Group, you need: any valid access_token if the group is public (i.e. the group's privacy setting is OPEN) user_groups permission for a user's non-public groups friends_groups permission for a user's friend's non-public groups The specific rules regarding groups and ...


You can still adjust the volume of posts from people in your circles, and adjust how much of each you see. From your home stream, select one of the circles shown on the top, or use the "More" item to pick a different circle: Once you've selected a circle, you can click on the gear icon that will be in a box towards the right. From here, you can check ...


You can delete the post and recreate it with pictures. Or you can add the pictures on the comment section. Cannot add Images, you can edit text.


Sprout Social currently only supports LinkedIn personal profiles, but working to integrate company pages as well. Our team knows it's something our customers need and hope to have news to share on that front soon. (I’m the Social Marketing Manager at Sprout Social.)


You might try Amplify which is well suited for sharing and discussing content.


Friend Feed?


I'm a fan of RSSGraffiti. It is a very nice, reliable, and configurable RSS-to-Wall app.


You didn't specify if price was an option, so you could try Ning


a feature rolled rolling out to everyone last week Just sit tight, I do not have it as well .With 500 M users (worst case scenario) wanting to download data I think it is safe to say that they do not want to totally destroy their servers in one go.

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