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Sprout Social currently only supports LinkedIn personal profiles, but working to integrate company pages as well. Our team knows it's something our customers need and hope to have news to share on that front soon. (I’m the Social Marketing Manager at Sprout Social.)


Try HootSuite.com or bufferapp.com These are pioneers for your sophisticated Social Media Management. One of my friend is working on a similar concept, will share when it's ready. Till then try the above apps out. :-)


They might checked your e-mail address in other users address book (people who did agree giving their addressbook).


These platforms can also talk Diaspora protocol and connect to Diaspora pods: Redmatrix (PHP) Friendika (PHP) Pyaspora (Python) Regarding oStatus: The answer above is not entirely correct. Yes, there is a lot in common with oStatus (webfinger, xrd, hcard, atom activitystreams) but the way posts are sent between Diaspora pods is somewhat different than ...

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