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When you add someone to a board they have to accept before seeing your cards. They will receive a notification that you have invited them, and you will receive a notification when they have accepted. Those invitations should also be in your board's history. You can change the settings of a board to only allow team admins to add members: Show menu > Settings ...


This is related to a feature called Twitter Cards. After the site owner inserts specific meta tags to the page and validates it via Twitter, a Twitter Card will be displayed in addition to the link. There are various card types for different types of content.


These platforms can also talk Diaspora protocol and connect to Diaspora pods: Redmatrix (PHP) Friendika (PHP) Pyaspora (Python) Regarding oStatus: The answer above is not entirely correct. Yes, there is a lot in common with oStatus (webfinger, xrd, hcard, atom activitystreams) but the way posts are sent between Diaspora pods is somewhat different than ...

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