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There's a couple of things you could check: Are both speakers plugged in and working? It could be that the voices are on the left channel and the music on the right (unlikely I know), and only the right speaker is working. Check in another browser such as Chrome or even IE to see if there's a fault with the plugin. Reinstalling might solve this problem.


It is probably the left/right channel problem. The speech is from one channel; and the music is from another channel. Double click the Voice Control icon in the system tray. And make sure the Balance is located in the middle. Try playing some other sound/music. And make sure both of your speakers are working well.


This is the best I could find. You can tweak the pitches by cents, play several preset series of pitches, and save your settings, but I don't think you can create your own series of pitches.


Does it only happen on YouTube? Does it only happen on one video? I would check if the headphone/speaker jack is plugged in all the way and if that doesn't help, I'd try another set of headphones to see if it happens again. Once, my headphones broke so that I couldn't hear any sound that was common on the left and right channel, only the differences. This ...

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