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From their wiki: Removing a Project At, we feel a commitment to ensuring the long-term availability of the Open Source code released by the projects we host. We will weigh requests for project removal against the community value of leaving the project intact. When we receive a request for project removal, we consider the ...


Just hover on the "Mailing Lists" button to see the menu, and select "Search Mail Lists" option. Now you can use the "Advanced Search" page to run your query.


on the "files page" you can see a little feed-button (top right corner): i would use that feed.


You can subscribe to a File Release RSS. Taken from : Project RSS Feed: Project File Releases Description: A feed of the most recent file releases made by a project, including details of the > files included in the release. Related site URL (i.e. ...


You can export any SourceForge mailing list to 'mbox' format by visiting: This requires authentication via SourceForge before you can proceed. More information at Smaller mailing list archives tend to be easily downloadable from any web ...


SourceForge is attempting to phase out OpenID logins in favor of social logins, according to their support forum. For now, you can append openid to the login page, so it looks like


Looks like you just need to create a ticket:


If you have the wireframes in your git repository, the best solution is to use the "raw" links in the gitweb viewer for your URLs, e.g.;a=blob_plain;f=wireframe1234.png;hb=HEAD - you can get these URLs by selecting Code > Git Browse from the SourceForge project page, then ...

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