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The following steps will find e-mail that Gmail marks as spam and prevent it from going to the Spam "folder". This will then allow your your desktop client to download the e-mail and perform the spam filtering. This type of arrangement is often necessary if spammers send out e-mail using keywords that are legitimate for certain industries such as e-commerce, ...


Not really, no. The only way is to use a unique email address on every single website and then see where (else) that address gets used. Some email providers let you use extended addressing where you append + and some string to your email username. For instance, if the CEO of Google wanted to know if his email address was being leaked by Yahoo, he might sign ...


In Twitteriffic, to "Mute" users i.e hide their tweets from your search, follow the steps here But what I'd recommend you to use is Tweetdeck. It works on Windows or Mac as it's its pretty good client with good mute filers. Have a look at this screenshot: They won't be up showing on your TL anymore.

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