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I have found the answer here. Resolution: In Calendar: Click the gear, select "Settings", Find the "Automatically add invitations to my calendar" section, Set its value to "No, only show invitations to which I have responded".


Use an alternate browser than your regular one Open a private browsing tab or window - all browsers have them (Chrome calls it "Incognito window", for example) Browse to your spam folder and view messages - do not confirm the "show images" option! Close private tab - nothing got saved to your machine


It doesn't look like this is currently possible. You could always just create another, separate label and have it sent to there. Something like a Spam 2 label. Once the spam builds up in this label, you can select all and click Report Spam to send it all away at once. Reference


In Twitteriffic, to "Mute" users i.e hide their tweets from your search, follow the steps here But what I'd recommend you to use is Tweetdeck. It works on Windows or Mac as it's its pretty good client with good mute filers. Have a look at this screenshot: They won't be up showing on your TL anymore.

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