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You could create a filter, if you can find a search that will hit only the emails you want, and have all matching messages deleted? Or at least "never send to spam" but instead moved to a special folder if you want to review them too. I thought that maybe some characters that never show up in your language like ф peraps? But apparently Gmail doesn't search ...


The site www.unroll.me can help you unsubscribe from marketing email databases that you have unwittingly signed up for. Some email accounts aren't supported, but gmail is so you'll be fine.


Well, every subscribed newsletter has an "Unsubscribe" link in the footer. Try that for all the spam messages you get. Also you could do one more thing. Check the domain name from the sender's email address. Gmail has a feature of filtering emails. Add a filter to that domain and check the value "Move to Trash". That way all the new spam messages from ...


While crowdsourcing is definitely part of the way Wikipedia handles spam it's only a very minor part. Wikipedia is using several anti-spam extensions, without these it would be a big spamfest that no army of humans could stop. Around November 2014 these are set up: Abuse Filter - Applies automatic heuristics to edits AntiSpoof – Blocks the ...

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