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I'll stick my neck out (yet!) again and say "No" - based on the deduction that if such existed then most of the many questions asking for a date stamp to be applied when a cell changes would not have been posted. However, that may be a "workaround" for you, ie take one of those scripts and apply it.


It looks like you want the & operator I'm not quite clear which thing you are concatenating to which in the question; however, you can do either =$BJ$2 & "24" or =$BJ$2 & BH1 or ="Paper" & BH1 assuming you are on row 2 and the number is on row 1 (the $ locks the cell so that it doesn't change when copying/pasting). Here's an ...


I was able to reduce the formula to the one below. Formula =ARRAYFORMULA( IFERROR( E3:E6 + VLOOKUP(G3:G6, temperature, 2, 1) + VLOOKUP(H3:H6, alkalinity, 2, 1) + VLOOKUP(I3:I6, calcium, 2, 1) - 12.1, "Missing values" ) ) copy / paste =ARRAYFORMULA(IFERROR(E3:E6 + VLOOKUP(G3:G6, temperature, 2, 1) + VLOOKUP(H3:H6, ...

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