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Copy what you want from the Excel document to MS Word first, and then try to paste it into Gmail by coping it from MS Word.


Assuming you have a new line character in every cell and you want to extract everything before the new line, try: =ArrayFormula(iferror(regexextract(A2:A, "^(.+)\n"))) (where A is the column with the addresses and your data starts in row 2 --> change to suit). After that, you can copy the output and use 'paste special' (values only) to overwrite to ...


Another way of doing it, is by using the AVERAGEIF formula. Formula =AVERAGEIF(A1:B1, ">0") Screenshot


Here's a function to do thisif a1>0 and b1>0 then average a1 and b1 else add a1 and b1 =if(AND(A1>0,B1>0),AVERAGE(A1,B1),add(A1,B1)) Obviously you'll have to plug in your own cells for a1 and b1 You can find all the google functions documentation here


You could use the ImportRange function to sync cell data between two spreadsheets. You could then share the individual spreadsheets to your various students. ImportRange documentation: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/3093340?hl=en I've created an example for you, here is your master sheet: ...

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