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A Google-Docs spreadsheet treats dates as 1 for every day past Dec 31, 1899. Today happens to be 41,973. Time is always a decimal portion of the day. Today at noon is 41,973.5. If you have a time value (a decimal) you can turn an number with 1 representing an hour by multiplying by 24 (number of hours in a day.          The formula in D2 is (<end ...


Insert a new column just to the left (or right) of the column you want to change. In the top cell of the new column (Say it's cell G23 and your data is in F23:F32) put i: =F32 & " With only G23 selected, pull down on the little square on the lower right to fill the formula down to G32 - This will propogate the formula down, with the row # incrementing. ...


Select ColumnJ. Data > Pivot table report..., Rows - Add field Tent#, Values - Add field Tent#. Click on down arrow next to "Summarise by: SUM" and select COUNT. Select the PT, Ctrl+c, got to K2(?) in your data sheet and Ctrl+v.

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