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I only seem to have some bad news for you. It is not possible to customize Google Docs Forms in another way than using the provided themes. (See Google employee AnaLikesLattes' answer) It is not possible to enforce one-submission-per-person but you could maybe use required fields asking for first/last name or email. (Google Docs Help discussion) I'm not ...


Kwiksurveys seems like it fits the bill. I haven't used it myself, but looks like it's all free LimeSurvey is free open source survey software if you are willing/knowledgeable enough to host your own.


The answer is yes, you can pre-populate a Google form using URL parameters. Google has some help around this: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/160000?hl=en To be clear, you are not using "Google survey" which sounds like the separate and distinct service (Google Consumer Surveys) which provides survey sampling in partnership with online news sites by ...


Have you tried using Facebook Questions? You'll need a Facebook account, and apparently nowadays you can only ask questions in events and groups (you used to be able to do it from your Timeline, just like a status update).


No inbuilt feature as such but there is of course a workaround by which you create a special token question and provide each customer with a unique token they have to enter into the form. You can then filter the results on valid tokens only and e.g. use only the first or last form submit with a valid token. The drawback is that you will have to create a way ...


It wasn't entirely clear from your question whether you want the software to distribute fixed points amongst a single question's answers (the title of your submissions) or amongst answers to multiple questions (body of your post). If it is the former, SurveyFactory offers a question type called "Constant Sum" that allows users to allocate points amongst a ...

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